Sydney Organic Gardens is a landscape architecture firm dedicated to environmental sustainability and community building.  We specialise in creating sustainable landscapes based on permaculture principles.


Our Values

We value the environment, and believe that Sydney's natural resources and systems are to be cherished and enhanced.  We believe that the quality of the physical environment directly impacts peoples' quality of life.  We are taking responsibility to do what we can to ensure that our outdoor spaces are developed and managed to have a positive environmental impact, and benefit present and future generations of people living in Sydney and the world.


Our Vision

Sydney Organic Gardens team member's see a future where Sydney is a thriving diverse ecosystem, where people, plants and animals interact sustainably.  Our unique native plants and animals are flourishing.  Gardens are bursting with life.  Fresh, organic food is grown locally on balconies, in home gardens, at school and work.  Sections of public open space are being used for community gardens where people meet to grow and share their favourite plants.  Nutrients are recycled back into the soil, and our water and air are clean.  Our lifestyles are in touch with the cycles of nature and our future is healthy.


This is what we do.


These words are taken from our 'Environmental Policy' first written in 1999.  Many of the things we imagined are becoming reality, and we're quietly proud to have played our role in the transformation of the landscape of Sydney.


Director of Sydney Organic Gardens, Steve Batley is a landscape architect, permaculture designer, organic gardener and workshop facilitator.  Steve has over 20 years experience in the landscape industry, completing his degree in 1996 and combining landscape architecture with permaculture and organic gardening since 1997.