Sustainability Education Centres

Randwick Permaculture Interpretive Garden - The PIG

The PIG - Permaculture Interpretive Garden, is located in a section of public open space adjacent to the Randwick Community Centre - 27 Munda St Randwick, and is always open to the public.


Containing a food forest, productive raised beds, rain garden with water tanks, pond, reed bed, rills and swales, Fibonacci pergola, small space garden options, compost bins, worm farms, lawn, native habitat garden, potting shed, BBQ area with picnic tables and an outdoor theatre space, the PIG has a lot to see.


The PIG is used by Randwick council to run workshops on organic gardening, permaculture & food forests and has regular gardening days where people can join in and learn about sustainable gardening.  It's a fantastic ground-breaking initiative from Randwick Council, and in particular Fiona Campbell their Environmental Education Officer.